Gabapentin 800 mg


This medication is a prescription drug that one used to treat partial seizures in adults and children who are at least 3 years old. This medicine is also applied to treat neuropathic pain. You can order Gabapentin 800 mg online from Bigpharmausa and get your medicines from sitting home.

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Gabapentin 800 mg is the medium dose of the medicine. Generally, doctors start the therapy with a low dose such as 100mg,300mg of the medicine and if the medicine is helpful for the consumer then they continue the treatment and increase the doses. For people who are troubled with Seizures then the doctor prescribes Gabapentin to prevent and control seizures. It is a drug so keep medicine out of the reach of the children.

This medicine can cause side effects so always consume medicine exactly as prescribed by your doctor. The symptoms of the side effects from Gabapentin are- Sleepiness Low energy in the body, pain in the head, An unconditional shake of a body part, Double or blurred vision, Unsteadiness, Anxiety, Memory problems, Strange or unusual thoughts, Unwanted eye movements, Nausea, Vomiting, High heartbeats, Dry mouth, etc. These are not all possible side effects of this medicine, So if you notice any side effects then it’s best to meet your physician.

Gabapentin is not prescribed for pregnant women, During breastfeeding, for the child, and for the old age person. It is a prescription medicine, So never consume this drug without asking a doctor or pharmacist. Take the doses exactly as prescribed otherwise it can cause overdose and overdose of the drug can cause serious bad effects for the consumer, And sometimes can cause death also.

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