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Vicodin is a prescribed medicine globally used to treat moderate to severe body pain and muscle spasms. As this medicine is classified under Scheduled III Controlled Substance drugs, so anyone can only buy Vicodin online or from medical stores with a valid prescription.

What is Vicodin?

Vicodin medication is a combination of Hydrocodone bitartrate and Acetaminophen drugs. Studies suggest that these drugs work in the brain to block pain signals effectively. Moreover, they help to decrease the ability to feel pain. Hydrocodone part is an opioid, and Acetaminophen is an analgesic medication present in a certain proportion.


Using Vicodin can be hazardous in certain circumstances and for patients with specific health conditions.

Vicodin is restricted if you have:

  • Breathing problems or severe asthma
  • A blockage in the stomach or intestines

Before starting the Vicodin medication, inform your doctor if you have ever had:

  • Breathing problems or sleep apnea
  • Any liver disease
  • Any drug or alcohol addiction
  • Kidney disease
  • A head injury or seizures
  • Problems while urination
  • Problems with your thyroid, pancreas, or gallbladder

The concerned doctor must be notified earlier to examine your conditions accordingly. This indeed will help the doctor to identify the best-suited dose of Vicodin for the treatment. And make sure to buy Vicodin online of the exact dose from our Bigpharmausa website.

Vicodin Usage and Dosage

There are two different forms of Vicodin available in the market for public use, and the dosage is affected by various factors. Lortab should be taken orally. Apart from their pill and tablet forms, Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen mixture is also distributed in the form of a syrup. This syrup form is made available under the brand name Lortab Elixir.

Vicodin medicine is supplied in the tablet form as:

The numerical values represent how much Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen are present in each dose, respectively. Vicodin can be taken every 4-6 hours, depending on the prescribed dose. The total length of time it will stay in your system depends on how much is taken and how often the medicine is taken.

When used recreationally, people try to administer the drug by snorting or smoking Vicodin. This allows the drug to be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly but also increases the risk of an overdose scenario. Such administration methods should be avoided.

The dosage of Vicodin, drug form, and how often the drug is taken depends on:

  • The individual’s age
  • The condition Vicodin is used for treatment
  • The severity of the condition
  • Other medical conditions and medical history
  • The individual’s reactions toward the dosage

The general dosage of Vicodin as prescribed by doctors:

  • Vicodin 5-500 mg: The typical dose is of 1-2 tablets, to be taken every 4-6 hours as required. The maximum dosage should not exceed 8 tablets in a  day.
  • Vicodin 75-750 mg: The typical dose is of 1-2 tablets, to be taken every 4-6 hours as required. The maximum dosage should not exceed 6 tablets in a  day.

Overdosing on Vicodin

Getting overdosed on Vicodin is identical to any other medicine. So, it is really important to keep in mind the proper dosage while you buy Vicodin online for self-use, any family member, or a close friend. You may experience various symptoms when you get overdosed with Vicodin, such as:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sweating
  • An overall feeling of fatigue
  • Slowed breathing
  • Lowered heart rate
  • Very low blood pressure
  • A coma
  • Liver failure

Side effects of Vicodin usage

  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Upset stomach
  • Constipation
  • Blurry vision
  • Dry mouth

These can be considered some of the common and non-life threatening side effects of Vicodin. These are commonly observed during the first stage of medication and the patient need not worry about them.

Although, Vicodin can induce several serious side effects when used for a longer period. A few of such side effects are listed as follows:

  • Shallow breathing, sleep apnea
  • Feeling light-headed
  • Confusion, abnormal behavior
  • Seizure
  • Easy bleeding
  • Infertility among women
  • Impotence, sexual problems, loss of sex drive
  • Serious liver problems
  • Abdominal pain, loss of appetite, jaundice
  • Lowering cortisol levels
  • Nausea, vomiting, dizziness
  • Tiredness and weakness
  • Elevated levels of serotonin
  • Agitation, hallucinations
  • Muscle stiffness, twitching, etc.

How Long Can Vicodin Stays in Your System

The time period for which Vicodin stays in your system depends on the intake dose. Once Vicodin is ingested, it takes about 1 hour to reach peak levels. The half-life of Vicodin is about 3-6 hours, which means it will reach half of its maximum concentration in the blood approximately 3-6 hours after taking it. It will then start to reduce as it is broken down by the liver and eliminated by the kidneys.

While you are on Vicodin, it is most likely that you would be tested positive for opiates:

  • On a urine drug screening test for 2 to 4 days
  • In a saliva drug test for 12 to 36 hours
  • A hair follicle test may show Vicodin’s presence for up to 90 days

If you are going through a drug screening test for employment, make sure to disclose your medications to the testing laboratory so they can interpret your test precisely.

Effects of Vicodin Abuse

Every substance has some positive and some negative health consequences, and Vicodin is no exception. The obvious negative effects are the potential for dependence, getting addicted, and sometimes liver damage due to prolonged usage. Some of the other commonly observed Vicodin abuse and addiction effects, including both mild and serious, are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • A relaxed and calming sensation
  • Lightheadedness
  • Constipation
  • Anxiety
  • Lowered heart rate
  • Decrease in breathing rate
  • Aches and cramps
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Depression

Vicodin Withdrawal

As we already know that Vicodin is listed as a Schedule III controlled substance drug, it is habit-forming. People get dependent on Vicodin after using it for a long time. For this very reason, it is always strictly advised by doctors whether you opt to buy Vicodin online or from any medical stores, always buy as prescribed.

When used for a prolonged time period the patient’s system or the body gets used to the medication and is able to tolerate a higher dose of Vicodin. This dependence can lead to various withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle aches
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

Vicodin Addiction

Opioid pain relievers like Vicodin, Codeine, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Meperidine, Methadone,  Naloxone, and Oxycodone are considered to be safe when they are taken for a short period of time only. However, in addition to pain relief effects, they also induce a relaxing effect and a euphoric state in some people. And this ‘doped or high effect’ can be addictive and mislead people to abuse the medication, by:

  • Taking a larger or more frequent dose than prescribed
  • Using the medicine for a longer period than prescribed
  • Consuming the medicine in a different form other than prescribed
  • Combining the medication with other harmful substances
  • Misusing the medication without a prescription
  • Becoming dependent on the medication

Addiction Symptoms

  • Slowed or shallow breathing
  • Agitation
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Overdose
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Lack of motivation in daily tasks
  • Poor decision making