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Vicodin medicine is available for the treatment of symptoms of moderate to severe pain. It is an opioid medication that contains a mixture of Hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen drugs. Due to the presence of Hydrocodone drug it is classified under Schedule III controlled substances. Most people buy Vicodin as it can be used alone or with other medications to suppress severe chronic or acute pain effectively.

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Hydrocodone is a semisynthetic opioid analgesic and antitussive medication with multiple actions similar to those of Codeine. It occurs in the form of fine, white crystals or as a crystalline powder. The acetaminophen drug, however, is a mild pain reliever that promotes the analgesic effects of Hydrocodone. This combination medication is available on our BigpharmaUSA online pharmacy in two variants as Vicodin 5-500 mg and Vicodin 75-750 mg. However, the Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen combination is marketed under a number of brand names, including:

How to Use and Store Vicodin 75-750 mg

  • Always take Vicodin 75-750 mg tablets exactly as prescribed. Never take Vicodin medicine in large amounts or for longer than prescribed in order to avoid overdosing. An overdose may degrade your liver functioning or may lead to death. Inform your concerned doctor if the medicine seems to stop working.
  • Hydrocodone can be habit-forming, even at regular prescribed doses. Hence, never share Vicodin 75-750 mg medicine with another person, especially someone who is an addict or has a history of addiction. Never use this medicine on a child or other individuals without a prescription.
  • If you need surgical or medical tests, tell your doctor ahead of time that you are using this medicine. You may need to stop using Vicodin for a  while.
  • Do not stop using Vicodin 75-75 mg pills abruptly after prolonged use This can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Rather consult with your doctor on how to safely stop using Vicodin or reduce its doses.
  • Always store at normal room temperature away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. Keep track of the amount of medicine used. As Hydrocodone is a drug of abuse, you should be aware if anyone is using your medication incorrectly or without a prescription.
  • Always check the medicines while buying to make sure you have received the correct tablets or doses of the medicines prescribed by your concerned doctor.

Vicodin Dosage

In general, the doctor will provide a lower dose of Vicodin during the starting phase of treatment. After evaluating the patient’s condition and tolerance the doctor might adjust or increase the dose of Vicodin. The smallest dose is taken orally in tablet form and contains 300 mg of acetaminophen and 5 mg of hydrocodone.

Generally, the standard adult dose prescribed is 1 or 2 tablets every 4 to 6 hours for pain management. The total daily dose should never exceed 8 tablets. Apart from that, Vicodin HP and Vicodin ES are special doses of Vicodin that contain larger doses of the active drugs. For successful treatment and management of severe pain always take the recommended dose as prescribed and consult with your healthcare provider or pharmacist if you have any doubts regarding dosage.

Precautions While Taking Vicodin 75-750 mg

  • It is important to remember that it is a prescribed medicine. Therefore, you need to take the medication strictly as per the prescription and your doctor’s recommendations.
  • Do not give Vicodin 75 -750 mg pills to the children. Because its safety for children’s use is still questionable.
  • You must take the pills with or without food as directed by your concerned doctor.
  • Never take the pills with alcoholic drinks. It can cause some serious side effects. In certain cases, death is imminent.
  • Avoid having Vicodin 75-750 mg tablets with grapefruit or its juice. It can be harmful and can also affect the effectiveness of Vicodin. This will hamper the desired result that you are expecting.

Health-Related Precautions

Before starting the treatment with Vicodin 75-750 mg tablets, you must inform your healthcare provider if you have any of the following health conditions:

  • Liver disease (cirrhosis or hepatitis)
  • A history of alcoholism or certain drug addiction
  • Kidney disease
  • Any respiratory disorder including Asthma, COPD, etc.
  • Any kind of brain disorder, including head injury, seizures, or tumors

Reactions With Vicodin 75-750 mg

An opioid drug like Vicodin 75-750 mg can interact with several other drugs and may induce fatal side effects or even death. Hence it is better if your concerned doctor knows whether you use:

  • Other narcotic drugs like opioid pain medicines (Hydrocodone, Lortab, Oxycodone, Methadone) or prescription cough medicines such as Codeine, etc.
  • Medicines that can make you drowsy or slow down your breathing including sleeping pills (e.g; Lunesta, Restoril, Ambien), muscle relaxers, sedatives, or antipsychotic medicine
  • Medicine for depression (Xanax, Valium, Ativan), Parkinson’s disease, migraine headaches
  • Medicines for serious infections
  • Antifungal medicines
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana or other narcotic drugs
  • Antihistamines
  • CNS Depressants
  • MAO Inhibitors

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