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Codeine medicine is used for the short-term treatment of mild to moderate pain or muscle spasms. It is generally introduced when other forms of non-opioid pain relief medications have not been successful in managing pain or are not tolerated by the patients. People can buy Codeine online as a part of drugs with antitussive, analgesic, antipyretic and antidiarrheal effects. Thus, Codeine is not only recommended for the treatment of chronic or acute pain relief, but it is sometimes also used as a cough suppressant.

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Codeine is supplied in many variants, starting from the lowest dose of Codeine 15 mg ranging up to Codeine 60 mg. When Codeine is used in large doses, this may result in euphoria and clouding of consciousness. A strong psychological dependence among lovers of new sensations can form within just a few days of regular use.  In pursuit of this kind of sensation and euphoric effects, if you take a dose that is much higher than the therapeutic prescription, you can also get poisoned by Codeine. Such a quick addiction is also possible due to the fact that the narcotic effect of Codeine lasts for only 2-6 hours, and in order to get back the sensations, drug addicts can use the drug several times a day.

Uses of Codeine 15 mg

Codeine 15 mg medicines are combined with various other medicines to eliminate mild to moderate pain including headache, neuralgia, trauma, colic, and diarrhea. Most often, the composition of the tablets additionally includes a non-narcotic analgesic drug to balance out the opioid part from Codeine. Codeine cough tablets are also widely used to suppress non-productive coughs such as bronchitis, emphysema, bronchopneumonia, etc.

However, the Codeine 15 mg medicine is contraindicated in several specific conditions. Hence proper care and regular monitoring are required when Codeine is used under such conditions.

  • Individuals allergic to Codeine or other substances present in the composition of Codeine 15 mg tablets
  • Patients with toxic dyspepsia conditions
  • People suffering from acute bronchial asthma or other respiratory depressions
  • Children and infants up to the age of 2 years
  • If there is persistent pain in the abdomen before or during the treatment phase
  • Patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • In patients with a high tendency to convulsions
  • Patients suffering from Arrhythmias
  • Elderly patients
  • Alcoholics and patients with a history of drug dependence and abuse
  • Patients prone to uncertain suicidal behavior
  • People with an increased emotional lability
  • Individuals with Cholelithiasis or who have recently undergone surgery related to the urinary system or gastrointestinal tract
  • People after brain injury
  • Patients with increased intracranial pressure
  • Patients with kidney and liver ailments
  • Individuals having hypothyroidism
  • People struggling with prostatic hyperplasia or Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers
  • Patients having cachexias

Effect of Codeine 15 mg Tablets

The narcotic substance Codeine 15 mg is distinguished by the speed of the onset of the effects. These effects are observed a few seconds after ingestion. Euphoric effects reach their peak in the bloodstream after an hour or two. And these effects can be expressed in a state of drowsiness and serenity. An individual’s limbs become heavy and numb, he practically loses the ability to be able to move.

A person addicted to Codeine 15 mg medication becomes indifferent and isolated to everything that is happening around him/her. They do not respond to appeals made to them, and they may also face problems with speech delivery. A change in consciousness can provoke auditory and visual hallucinations, and the sense of time is lost.

But those patients who use Codeine-based drugs strictly according to a prescription, do not need to be afraid of fatal side effects and dependence on the Codeine 15 mg. Additionally, antipyretic and analgesic drugs like Codeine 15 mg tablets contain ibuprofen or paracetamol, which neutralize the narcotic effect of Codeine, preventing addiction to the substance to some extent.

Types of Codeine Available

Depending on the purpose and method of use of Codeine and the preparations in which it is contained, the drug is available in the form of tablets, syrup, drops, intramuscular solution, or powder.

Codeine Tablets

To treat a persistent cough and strong bodily pains, your doctor may prescribe Codeine phosphate hemihydrate or Codeine based tablets. These tablets reduce the excitability of the cough center and affect the nervous system, changing the way you feel the pain. Apart from Codein 15 mg tablets, Codeine is also supplied in other variants making it suitable for a wide range of patients. On the BigpharmaUSA website Codeine is supplied as:

Codeine Syrup

Unlike Codeine 15 mg tablets, Codeine syrup is used to treat only to suppress coughs effectively. In the market the syrup  version of Codeine is supplied as:

  • Codesan – It is used for severe cough, accompanied by diseases of the lungs and bronchi.
  • Tussmag – It is a strong expectorant drug, used to relieve sputum with a strong wet cough. It is also effectively used to treat inflammation of the respiratory tract.
  • Cofex – This is an antitussive drug with strong antihistamine properties. It helps to cope with pulmonary edema and runny nose. Assign for diseases of the bronchi, which are accompanied by strong cough.
  • Bromhexine – This Codeine-based syrup is usually used to treat cough accompanied by pneumonia, pharyngitis, and bronchitis.

Codeine Powder

Codeine 15 mg powder is used to prepare a solution for intramuscular and intravenous administration. This method of administration is generally used for local anesthesia or to achieve a speedy effect in case of severe pain. However, this procedure must be performed only by an authorized medical specialist immediately before administering the drug to the patient.

Alternatives of Codeine 15 mg

In cases of moderate to severe pain, strong opioids (especially morphine and oxycodone) provide a valid and appropriate alternative to codeine. Used correctly, these drugs are effective, manageable, and very safe

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3 reviews for Codeine 15 mg

  1. jessica

    Although the medicine controlled my cough allowed me to sleep, I had vivid, horrible nightmares/ hallucinations that I had a difficult time waking up from.

  2. leliyana

    codeine 15 mg is used to treat mild to moderate pain. This medicine is basically a pain killer which is provide you by your doctor after serious

    injury or surjery to treat pain. This medicine is also used to reduce coughing. Codeine is taken every 4 to 6 hour.If you taking this medicine for a long time do not

    quit suddenly before asking your doctor.You can gradually stop taking this medicine after asking your doctor. You can easily buy this medicine online in your budget on

  3. Ronger

    I’ve used a codeine cough linctus a few times over the few times over the years but only at night tred fr the fiirst time when I had along running chest infection where I was exhausted and sore, unable to get any sleep due to coughing fits the codeine really worked and I gt some sleep without is a sedative so that is probably partly how it helps. Me not coughing help my wife get some sleep too.

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