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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Types, Signs, Treatment & Cause

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can be seen like this, when a person gets unwanted thoughts on and off, it is known as obsession. When a person has a monotonous behavior, it is known as a compulsion.

This morning spreads the light on the topic of obsessive-compulsive behavior, we will see, What is OCD?, Its symptoms, the Causes of OCD, and the risks related to OCD.

What is OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?

OCD is associated with a mental disorder in which an individual gets unwanted thoughts frequently which is stated as obsessions. The disorder is also responsible for engaging you in certain kinds of work repeatedly. You might have to face both conditions together, which is known as “obsessive-compulsive disorder”.

The Disorder is not about having a negative perspective or chewing your nails. Moreover, the disorder is linked to the choices and perspectives of an individual, like certain kinds of colors are “good” or “bad”. Habit related to compulsion is like washing hands again and again from fear of contamination caused due to germs. There is no count of how many times you have washed your hands. This problem may disturb you mentally a lot, but with the help of treatment, this disorder can be treated.

Types Of OCD Obsessions

Due to the repetitive nature of the mind’s thought process that is linked to OCD can be about anything, we are listing some kinds of obsessions that are frequently observable as follows:

Sexual Preference Obsession

It is a kind of doubt in an individual regarding his/her sexual orientation.

One questions him/herself regarding his own sexual orientation, is anxious about becoming a homosexual or heterosexual.

Fear of facing people like they might think that you are homo or heterosexual.

Relationship Obsession

For a person who is engaged in a relationship becomes hard, as someone who is suffering from OCD may think of every aspect of the relationship, whether positive or negative which are as follows:

  • OCD victims may constantly think about whether they are the right person for their partner or not.
  • They are concerned about what is the opinion of their partner for them.
  • Constant thoughts about whether they should break up, and move on with a new person or stay with the same.

Obsession Regarding Contamination

A person who is suffering from OCD might face this type of obsession. An individual is highly concerned about cleanliness and does not want to be in contact with certain things like dust due to fear of contamination caused by germs, bodily fluids, diseases, garbage, soap, spoiled food, etc.

Once you have an obsession with contamination, it can lead to overindulgence in cleanliness, avoiding certain things, avoid visiting a particular place.

Violent and Sexual Obsessions

  • It is a kind of obsession that includes thoughts that are sexually obsessive or violent in nature.
  • Thoughts regarding own sexual tendencies arise that are most commonly seen, and a high level of concern that he/she might become deviant.

What Are The Possible Causes Of OCD?

The causes of this disorder are still undisclosed. It may have some connection with genes, as stated by healthcare experts since having parents or another member in a family who is suffering from OCD might be a risk for an individual.

It is said that OCD also develops in an individual due to reciprocation trauma or stress. While several researches are going on the causes of OCD.

Symptoms Related to OCD

The first-most, symptom of OCD is dealing with obsession or compulsion.

It is very difficult to manage obsessive thinking because it can raise havoc on the ability of an individual to manage other work properly.

Those who are dealing with compulsions have difficulty refraining from strong desires to conduct these compulsions.

Symptoms that may develop in an individual due to obsessions are as follows:

  • Fear from Dirt
  • Germophobia
  • Fear of Harm
  • Orderliness required in excess
  • Anxiety towards unwanted thoughts associated with harming oneself or others.

Symptoms that develop in a person dealing with compulsion are as follows:

  • A high degree of cleanliness
  • Recurring acts (like checking whether the doors are locked or not)
  • Busy in ordering and arranging things
  • Chanting mantras repeatedly

Risks Related to OCD

Risks associated with the disorder are extensively dangerous for the life of an individual, here are some of the risks that are as follows:

  • Change in behavior and thoughts related to suicide.
  • Difficulty in attaining education in school, degree college, etc.
  • An introvert behavior ends up making no friends and no love life.
  • The victim of OCD may spend his/her whole time performing ritualistic activities like expenditure of money on the things that are continuously thrown away.


Person suffering from this kind of disorder needs to consult a medical healthcare expert as soon as possible. Due to no findings regarding the causes of the disorder, it is fatal to the life of an individual. Hopefully, you find it beneficially, thanks for visiting

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