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Losing weight is not an easy task in comparison to making gains or increasing the weight. But, if you want to lose weight then you should follow proper Guidance step by step. In today’s fast world everyone forgets about their health because nowadays everyone is too busy in their daily life that’s why they leave their health consciousness behind.

In today’s world, the health industry is also filled with myths, they give you a lot of rubbish advice on losing weight most of which have no proof behind them. Most of the people who totally depend upon the health industries for losing their weight got Cheated by health trainers.

Losing weight is not an overnight success and not a magic pill that a heavy-weight person eats and after a few minutes or second that person looks slim fit. Weight loss is a very long path that is filled with lots of milestones, difficulties, and circumstances by which every person gets afraid and forgets the dream of losing weight. Gaining weight is very easy but in losing the weight no one will stand for a long time. Losing excessive weight is just like a war in which everyone drops their weapons, the people who will stand for a long time only succeed. 

But in today’s busy world there are lots of people who are really health conscious like Singer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, who is about 33 only.

Who is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins(Adele)?

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is the most famous English singer and songwriter known as Adele and she is also one of the most selling music artists. Adele was born in 1988 in London. After completion of her graduation Adele associates with XL Recordings for its songs. She was honored by the Grammy Award and mentioned in the Guinness Book of World for winning 21 numerous awards.

Adele is always highlighted from the beginning of her career but the Shocking news was at that time when someone gave a negative comment on her excessive weight. After that comment again Adele comes in the headline. But might be that comment is the reason for its weight loss journey, might be that comment is a blessing for her.

The Annonymous Comment start Adele’s Weight Loss Journey 

Adele always looks amazing but somewhere its excessive weight becomes an eclipse in her beauty and it is proven when an unknown comment becomes a headline on Adele’s weight. Now here Adele starts her weight loss journey which gives her a tremendous look.

Adele’s Weightloss Journey

Recently Adele spoke personally about her weight loss.  Adele similarly said that “ It is only done with my interest only and going out in the gym makes me feel great. She also said that I haven’t only dropped my weight is also left my phone with excessive use because workout makes me more potent by my body as well as my personality.

Nowadays Adele becomes quite addicted to workout every day and multiple times a day. She said that she doesn’t follow any diet but workout addiction makes her gorgeous and more famous for losing weight. 

The primary reason for Adele’s Weight loss due to her Exercise Routine

In another interview, Adele also said that she workout three times a day. She said, “ In the morning I prefer to perform Weight Lifting. After that I go for a hike in the afternoon and after that, I do my Cardio before bed”.  

In another conversation, Adele said, “First time when I started working out I started deadlifting with only 10 pounds of weight and now I do a deadlift with 170 pounds every day. I am a singer and I also enjoy Boxing.

Adele said that when she posted her photo for the first time after losing the weight everyone really got shocked and asked me for the diet brand which is used for losing my weight.

She said, “I really got tempered after reading the completely foolish comments after weight loss but I positively replied to all the commentators that, I didn’t use any Diet Brand there are only a few things who really helped me to arrive here and that is my Passion, Hard Work and my Discipline towards my workout routine”.

Adele told British Vogue that she didn’t join the workout to lose weight, but rather to become stronger in managing her mental health. Doing the workout makes me feel better”.

The rumor about the Weight loss of Adele

Everyone knows that if any news reaches and is highlighted and Viral on the internet then the Talk related to that news also spreads actively in comparison to living news.

The same thing happened in this case also. When news comes about the Weight loss and Transformation of Adele and goes viral then one rumor also goes viral and that is, “Adele uses Red wine and Chocolate for losing her weight. 

Adele Opens Up about her Struggling Body

In one interview Adele got emotional when she said, “I love expensive jewelry and when I saw I really wanted to wear that jewelry but I can’t wear them because of my overweight, so at times I really got upset, even I try to lose my weight but I can’t fit my finger ring even,”. According to Adele she said that this type of situation occurs to me many times. Sometimes she feels upset due to her dress fitting, sometimes she is upset due to her jewelry fitting, but this type of situation is like a blessing for her because she overcomes her tears, stands up, and starts sweating in the gym and the result is in front of everyone.

                                                        After Losing 100 pounds

In the above photo, we can see the Three photos of Adele with time-lapse of after and before weight loss. First picture, you can”t imagine that she is Adele but before the weight loss, and in the second and third picture was at that time when Adele lost her weight by 100 pounds. In the last two photos, adele look adorable after the transformation, and in the first photo, Adele look more aged and fatty in comparison to today’s Adele

The struggle of two years

It’s been more than a year since she ruled on Instagram with her excellent slim-fit figure. According to this headline, it means Adele struggled 2 years in the gym for losing 100 pounds and making herself slim. Spending two years of a busy life is not an easy task. Adala is a very popular singer and a busy person so according to this, we can’t understand how she did this transformation task in two years.

Adele also didn’t imagine that she can reduce 100 pounds successfully. She gives all the credit to her Divorce from her husband and breaks up with her boyfriend. She said that now she has enough time to take care of her health after the breakup. Adele’s transformation journey started in 2018 when she was divorced from her husband. That’s why Adele said this is the year of anxiety for her.

Worst Part of Adele’ Body Transformation

In one of the interviews, Adele said that all the things I can tolerate but one thing is the worst part of my body’s transformation story is that some women are talking very negatively and brutally about my body. She said, “ I don’t know why they all are unhappy but according to me they all are losers and can’t be able to do anything like me. They only know one thing, Just do negative comments only on every successful woman they can’t do anything except this.


After reading this struggling story of Adele, We thought that it can be a motivating story for those who want but can”t be, for those who are only willing but not doing, for those who always have an excuse but do not have a genuine reason. 

Losing weight is not just a diet plan or discipline in a workout, it is more than that. No one can lose weight by gossiping here and there nor can it be done by only doing diets and regular exercise. The workout requires a few more things along with that.

Firstly if you want to lose weight then you should prepare yourself mentally. Because if you are not mentally prepared then you can’t do this task because our body takes orders from our brain and if our brain is not ready then how can we do that.Weight Loss Journey.

Secondly, you can do all the stuff which is done for weight loss but in a disciplined manner because doing the thing in the discipline has more probability of success.

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