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How Can I Raise My Iron Levels Fast?

How can I raise my iron levels fast

Here We are Going To discuss  Iron Deficiency anemia in our Body. If we want To Stay Healthy & feel happy from the inside & outside of our Body, So We must eat Healthily. Sometimes we eat Only to fill our stomachs. We never Think Before eating what we are Going to eat. Nowadays, people are too busy with their office work, college, School. Some of them are not staying with their family & some stay with family. Lack of Knowledge about healthy food, we usually eat whatever is in front of us. As per the WHO report, Iron Deficiency Anemia is common in the world’s population around 30%.

Iron is a mineral whose main work is to Produce Oxygen for our body & Body tissues. It’s Important Nutrition for our body. We should consume 18 mg daily from Heme food or non-heme Food.

Can We increase Iron levels fast?

Answer is yes, we can increase the fastest way to iron With vitamin C which increases Hemoglobin Level & Oxygen Level for our organs, tissues. We can have intact iron in our body as orally or intravenously administered(IV Injections or tubs).

Lack of Red Blood cells in Hemoglobin can make you feel low, tired, breathing issues during physical activities. Iron is most important for hemoglobin in red blood cells to increase oxygen levels to produce oxygen in organs & Body tissues.

If you test your blood report, after seeing your Report doctor will recommend you either you can take iron through meals or supplements. Your Body consumes a small percentage of iron from the food, so you should change your food menu to increase iron levels in your body.

What food increase iron in your Body

Iron Food is divided into two parts, One is heme iron & the other is non – heme iron. Heme is red meat, fish, seafood, Pork, etc., Nonheme is Green Veggies & Fruits. If we want to increase iron deficiency, we should include vitamin C Products with Iron. Because vitamin C Absorption Iron from the food. Avoid dairy products with iron products. Calcium Interferes to stop iron absorption.

  1. Heme iron(iron-rich mineral Food) Heme iron is found in animals, Red meat, fish, seafood, pork, beef liver, chicken liver, etc.
  2. Nonheme iron Nonheme iron is found in green veggies, Spinach, dark green leaves, beans, potato Skin, Dry fruits including-raisins, dry apricots, Broccoli & other food items that can increase iron levels.
  3. Avoid dairy products with iron products. Calcium Interferes to stop iron absorption.
  4. Cook Food in Iron Cookware or iron Utensils.
  5. Avoid tea, coffee while eating Food. Tea, Coffee interferes with the absorption of iron.
  6. Eat fruits daily which contain vitamin C Like- Oranges, Kiwi, Pineapple, Plum. Vitamin C helps absorb iron from the food.

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia

  1. Headache
  2. Irritated
  3. Craving for dirt, cement, slate, chalk.
  4. Broken nails
  5. Breathing issues
  6. Weakness
  7. Normal fatigue
  8. Cold hand & feet
  9. Pale skin

What Iron Deficiencies or anemia is caused in our Body?

Blood Loss:- During the periods, women lose iron from the blood through red blood cells. Monthly periods can be a reason for iron deficiency anemia. Hiatal hernia, peptic ulcer, colorectal cancer can cause iron-deficiency anemia.

Low iron in your food diet: If we are not taking iron In our diet, we can face iron deficiency in the future.

During Pregnancy:-Pregnant women need much iron as compared to normal people. During pregnancy babies get oxygen through their mother’s red blood cells, so pregnant women need extra care.

Blood donation:- Persons who Donate Blood can suffer from iron deficiency anemia. After donating the blood, they should focus on their meal & includes food items that contain higher iron.

Children & infants:- Infants who depended on their mother’s breast milk if they don’t get proper milk can suffer from anemia. Premature babies, Children who are always looking for snacks like-Chips, Fried food, pizza etc. If they do not eat iron food, so they can suffer from anemia.

Vegetarian:- Who’s not eating Non-vegetarian food, can also suffer from anemia if they do not include proper daily iron’s in their diet.

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